Life's Got You Riveted

by Oloff

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This is my new 4-track EP 'Life's Got You Riveted'. The songs are all linked conceptually in one way or another, and also by the fact that they all use Dirty Art Club beats. I don't own the beats (not using them for any commercial purposes) and this release isn't associated with Dirty Art Club in any way. These beats are mostly taken from their album Vermilion, which you should buy ASAP because it's great.

The vocals were mixed by Ollie Larcombe-Moore at his home studio here in Bristol. Hope you guys enjoy the songs, we had a lot of fun recording them and it's been really great to see how much people have enjoyed the videos. Really appreciate all the support I've been getting and looking forward to putting out more material for you guys in the near future.


released July 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Oloff Bristol, UK

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Track Name: Who Else Wish
Who else wish windows 10 had never been a thing?
Stressed, eatin benners on a dinner thing.
Got my head up on a gillating ting wearing rings on a blinner thing blingathon bring em on i go ding dingin on a dingathon
Sing along
Bring that big headed thing along and sing a song
Bring snares kicks, drums dumb, bring a tom
I'm in a bomb
I'm fuckin king kong with inners gone
big fuck off empty monkey wanna bust on every dumpy chunky arse in the world.. only hustlin when i'm jumpy
style is mad nervous get the feelin theres a surplus
of awkward backwards dudes like me got the snacks and the booze i need
to get loose when i lose i'm a looser and i snooze
too much
live and never do much
live and yet to give got me feelin like a sieve
life just passes right through me
live and yet to give got me feelin like a sieve
life just passes right through me
like a boring arse movie
i got the heart of a skeleton

ah windows 10 i swear to god its there to rob
me of my time its just me and my rhymes

some sort of update that fucked me up
suck me and fuck my butt and bust my guts and tuck me up and dust to dust and ashes for cash its so brash it's like cassius
clay in his heyday
without the drive and the payday
without the strivin for great days but i dunno i guess i'll just cool it like they say
everyone just needs to chill out
everyone just seeds that spilled out
everyones an accidents back to the raps
and puttin backs up with klaxons and
crap in the captions and snacks and the dacksundz

sausage dog barely seein through the fog
i think i like you, god

can we go somewhere sometime? do you think i'm good enough?

Track Name: Yoshi's Circuit
i'm a nice guy but see me on yoshi's circuit
couple hundred times now i got it perfect
i dont wanna grand prix i just wanna verse it
i dunno if we should try or if its really worth it
leave me with a cock i jerk it
i never stop until i overwork it
good job i'm only ever with mine, end up with a big fine
for cottagin in cottages a big time
nah its not really my scene though, really i ain't never been though
not really into men but sometimes wish i was
they put out so much easier than women and theyre usually less annoying

do you ever wanna sink like you were never buoyant?
retreat into the earth like my cock retreats inside my body every time i'm cold or feelin slightly shoddy
its not nice to spend your life feelin twice as groggy
a-a-a-a-as the next man
so be thankful that theres always someone behind you
be thankful that theres always someone behind you
let the sufferin of others define you
let the sufferin of others define you
you're fine you just need to get an open mind to
the fact that you are standin atop heads midway up a pyramid fib say you are spirited
and that lifes got you riveted, you're so with it kid

i'm a nice guy but try me in a civil war
or see me suckin at the teet til the nipples sore
i go buckingham or bickle or
nothin im a fickle whore
hufflepufflin for griffindor and mutterin my little four
huffin puffin til my dick is sore


whoooo's tellin you this shit?
whoooo's bellin you nitwits?
back again with new dick tricks
with slack i bend and do kick flips
i am endin you dipshits
try and write while i am sendin you dick pics
or maybe quit on some bitch shit
because nothing will ever, nothing will ever
be the same
Track Name: Plughole
and you break
tellin everyone that youre a fake
thinkin everything you ever thought
sinkin through the sink and never caught
in a plug hole, lives of the grub moles
guys with the dud goals
hopeless pipe dreams, jokers might seem
vicious at first when you get closer you see their chrysallis burst
and this is the worst time i have ever felt this money money money money money money money money money says it ain't the first
will make you do anything for a drink but i think i'm good where i am if it turns out that drink aint a drink its a jinx
i dont need that i [dont] think
dyin farmed salmon pink
dryin arms in the sink
thats self harmin you dink
use your head OR something
lose your head FOR something, breads NOT crumblin
thats alright
all these futures carved out like pumpkins
hopefully dont smash
hopefully don't crash and burn for cash, be brash and learn through that
live and yearn through crap

live and yearn through crap...

i'm alright where i am if it means i'll be able to stick to the plan
sick through my hands i'm a dick to these mans they're addicted to fans
they're a dick to their fans i'm addicted to grams in the land of the shams and the grandiose mans and the hammiest jams and the famliest brands... stand
and the band they go dam di di dam di di dam
i am what i am

thats enough i'm bout to get tucked up
i will fuck shit up around tomorrow when you cunts have got your ears open listen close enough

Track Name: Smart Kind of Arsehole
the smart kind of arsehole
swallowin your bars swallow charcoal
bark when the cars home
drafts in the park take the bar home
laugh in the dark when you pass home bask in your farts though glass in your arse though
full of snark from the start though
I'm paid nothing to take this shit apart though.

bringin everythin and nothing to the table
leave me cluckin for nothin other than stable chuckin buckets of cables stuck in stuck in a fable
you fuckin fuckers aint able fuckin chuck us a bagel fuckin nothin but labels fuckin hateful
your hard work is nothin nothin but wasteful chuckin up it's disgraceful

and i made it here, what

was hard in the start though
masked by the darkness in past though
any smarts i'd impart though?
i dunno laugh at the hard notes, half fill a glass oh, start at the start though
can't buy shit without a barcode
let the past be the past though i dihnt get far by askin where does far go

you know what take it with a pinch of salt cos i dun met some dudes that felt invincible
and i'm not one of them
always wonderin what shit is gonna go wrong again

you know what take it with a pinch of salt cos i been talkin to myself and shit's instinctual
some of this yammerin stinks of bull

and i dont know what the fuck is up but i know that you don't know
and i dont know what the fuck is up but i know that you don't know

you don't know nothin don't know nothin what is nothin oh my god go suck a puffin

let it go

let it go mate

let it go

let it go, let it go, let me know

let it g-g-g-go

let it go kid

you don't know shit

i have myself to blame
and i like it that way
i like it that way now

i have myself to blame
its easier that way
its easier that way